Engineering Athletic Improvement

Strength coaches are overworked and underused in athletic weight training programs.

Professional: 1:3 | Power 5 Football: 1:10 | Collegiate: 1:100 | High School: 1:7800 | train: 1:1

Outside the most elite environments, the athlete to coach ratio (above) is deficient, making individualized training plans and set-by-set feedback virtually unachievable at amateur levels. train121 was built to bring elite coaching to weight rooms at all levels.

Weight Training Personalized

train121’s weight room infrastructure uses artificial intelligence and expert review to deliver high level, actionable performance information.

Who is struggling to hit their sets?
Who isn’t being challenged by their workout?

train121 collects and filters lifting data to pull out important performance trends, helping coaches deliver personalized attention where it is needed, when it is needed. Through this focused attention, every athlete can train one to one.

Connecting Athletes to Coaches

train121 connects athletes or teams with a dedicated digital strength and conditioning coach
Elite Network

the train121 network of coaches includes former collegiate and professional athletes and Team USA weightlifters, all specializing in sport-specific S&C programming. 

Elite Tools

train121’s proprietary tools streamline digital review and promote program adaptation for every individual, delivering a personal experience from afar.

Closing the Feedback Loop

COMING SOON: train121 is developing smart hardware and artificial intelligence to help answer the three fundamental questions that drive successful Strength & Conditioning programming.
What was done?
Hands-Free Tracking - Barbell with TrAIn121 Clip
Hands-Free Tracking

Smart sensors record and log barbell exercises, so that athletes focus on lifting, not writing about it.

How well was it done?
Proprietary Issue Flagging
Proprietary Issue Flagging

By combining AI processing and human review, train121 identifies lifts that need the most attention.

What should be done next?
Efficient Program Adaptation - Desk with TrAIn Apps Open
Efficient Program Adaptation

Simple athlete management software saves time so strength coaches can coach, not sit at a computer.

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